Welcome to liveloveleigh.com! I’m Courtney and while my blog is still new, I imagine my posts will mostly be about travel, beauty and home. Call it a lifestyle blog. This is a place for me to write about anything and everything. I’ve always had a passion for writing and it’s fun for me reignite that in this form.

Until I figure out how to become a millionaire from this blog, you’ll find me working full time as an Executive Assistant. My job requires me to be super, super organized and I hope to share some of how I accomplish that in the workplace and at home on my blog.

I live in Boston, Massachusetts with my boyfriend and our elderly cat, Snickers. She’ll be 84 soon (in cat years), so I’ve recently started calling her Grandma Snickers. She doesn’t seem to mind, but then again she has a resting cat face. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for a short few years now, so I’m still getting used to driving more aggressively and living near the commuter rail. Train horns are scary sometimes!

I am what some call an introverted extrovert. Never really wanting to be the center of attention, unless I’m on stage singing/acting, I usually find my favorite place to be behind a book or binging something on Netflix (probably The Office for the 1000th time).

I hope my blog is enjoyable and offers some form of inspiration to those reading!